Trap Eater

Trap EaterWith the rise of “Little City” decks since the 5-0 performance by Jung-Ho Ahn during Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2008, it is not surprising that every side deck is now packing 2-3 copies of Trap Eater.

Although Trap Eater is able to take out both Royal Oppression and Skill Drain, there are still some continuous traps that Trap Eater is unable to remove due to the game mechanics.

The first up would be Macro Cosmos.


Q: Is it possible to Special Summon by sending Macro Cosmos as cost?
A: Macro Cosmos‘ effect would prevent cards from being sent to the grave, hence it is not possible. (17th November 2008)


Q: Is it possible to Special Summon Trap Eater by sending Macro Cosmos to the graveyard?
A: It is not possible. (15th August 2009)

The above is taken from 《マクロコスモス》 -遊戯王カードWiki.

Next up would be both Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match, under certain situation.


Simply, when there is a non-Fiend monster and Rivalry of Warlords on the field, it is not possible to remove Rivalry of Warlords for the special summon.
Due to Rivalry of Warlords, it is not possible to special summon itself (Trap Eater) which is of another type than the one on the field.
Therefore, it is not possible to perform the series of actions of special summoning by sending Rivalry of Warlords to the grave.
Though the chances are low, for similar reason, Gozen Match is another permanent trap which cannot be used as the cost under those situation.

The above ruling (in strikeout) is no longer applied. Below is the current updated ruling for Trap Eater.


Q: On opponent’s field is Rivalry of Warlords, when there is a non-Fiend monster on my field, is it possible to Special Summon Trap Eater by sending the Rivalry of Warlords on opponent’s field to the graveyard?
A: Yes, it is possible. (9th July 2009)

The above is taken from 《トラップ・イーター》 -遊戯王カードWiki.


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