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Blackwing Armor Master At the District Qualifiers for Kyushu, one of the decks by the name of グッドスタッフ (Good Stuff) made into Top 16. The deck was pretty much a mix of good cards with poor synergy within the deck, however what stood out was the Side Deck; there was a copy of Black Feather – Armored Wing.

Having a Fusion or Synchro Monster in the Side Deck was unheard of, so I dug out my Rule Book 3.0 from the Yuusei Starter Deck and found the following:


The Side Deck contains additional cards for Deck adjustment.
In a duel it cannot be utilized, but during the interval of a match between best-of-three duels, cards can be swapped with the Deck, Extra Deck accordingly to strategy.
The amount of cards in the Side Deck can be 15 or less, and the amount must remain the same before and after a swap.

In addition here’s a FAQ taken from サイドデッキ -遊戯王カードWiki:


Q: Can Fusion Monster be added into the Side Deck?
A: Under the Master Rule, Synchro Monster, Fusion Monster can be added. (13th March 2008)


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