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Rivalry of Warlords (Part I)

Rivalry of Warlords

Since the debut of this card in Feath’s Honest Viper deck, Rivalry of Warlords has always been one of the cards with a confusing and complex ruling. In fact, for that period of time, Feath had a weekly update on his blog regarding the changes to the rulings of Rivalry of Warlords.

Even now, some of the rulings are still in the midst of being sorted out. Nonethless, we shall take a look at the complex rulings that have been confirm at the point of writing.

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XX-Saber Gatmuz

XX-Saber Gatmuz

After Bahamut’s fantastic introduction, the new XX-Sabers from Ancient Prophecy should be no stranger to anyone. As a sub-theme to support the X-Sabers, the XX-Sabers proved to be a force by placing two first positions and a third position within the first week of release in Japan.

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