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Twilight Beat (Part II)

Continuing from the previous post, we shall make some modifications to the deck so as to retain its competitive edge in the current metagame.

Instead of aiming to beat Undead Synchro like in the previous version, the new Twilight Beat is aimed to beat Dimensional Eatos. Credits to Rauzes for the modifications.

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Twilight Beat (Part I)

The Duelist’s Codex is and will continue to concentrate primarily on rulings and game mechanics. However, due to popular demands, here’s a long belated post of a personal deck of mine: Twilight Beat. Also joking known as AKB (AKira Beat) by Bahamut.

More commonly known as Light and Darkness Beat (光闇ビート) in the OCG and Chaos Beat in the TCG, Twilight Beat is simply based on the concept of abusing the semi-restricted Chaos Sorcerer.

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