Current SG Metagame Breakdown

With the new ban list in effect for two weeks, here’s an early review of the metagame in Singapore. The following are just my personal thoughts and observation, do take it with a pinch of salt.

S-Rank: Infernity (インフェルニティ)
A-Rank: Blackwing (BF)
Fabled (魔轟神)
B-Rank: Gladiator Beast (剣闘獣)
Meta Beat (メタビート)
Lightsworn (ライトロード)
C-Rank: Machina Gadget (マシンナーズガジェット)
Perfect Herald (神光の宣告者)

Infernity (インフェルニティ)
Though Infernity is rarely played due to the difficulties in acquiring the cards, its ability to burst is second to none in this format. With no significantly bad match-up, this deck is quite the power force. Main weakness is D.D. Crow, Crack to the Different Dimension.

Blackwing (BF)
Cheap and strong – the deck to beat. Main weakness is Starlight Road.

Fabled (魔轟神)
Able to adapt according to situation with a wide arsenal of Synchro monsters. Main weakness is Light-Imprisoning Mirror.

Gladiator Beast (剣闘獣)
Able to setup a strong control, but difficult to play. Main weakness is Royal Oppression, which is a common sight in side deck.

Meta Beat (メタビート)
Aggressive Control. Unable to perform any sort of comeback. Main weakness is Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade, Cold Wave.

Lightsworn (ライトロード)
Pure Lightsworn might be dead, but various variation like Archlord Kristya is keeping the deck afloat. Though significantly slower, the two Judgment Dragons are still a threat. Main weakness is Light-Imprisoning Mirror.

Machina Gadget (マシンナーズガジェット)
Simply flood and beat down with Gadgets and Machina Fortress. Main weakness is Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (Cyber Dragon at two).

Perfect Herald (神光の宣告者)
Able to perform a first turn lock down with Archlord Kristya and Perfect Herald. Consistency is a main issue though. Main weakness is Divine Wrath.


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  1. 1 yoz May 20, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    erm, can u gimme a deck list for infernity deck??

  2. 2 ProfNote May 25, 2010 at 12:34 am

    Thanks! this helped me a lot.

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