Singapore Metagame: March 2010 – August 2010

With the end of this ban/restriction list ending, here’s a look at what Singapore Duelists have been winning with.

Through various forum and blogs, I have personally compiled a spreadsheet of all the Tournament results in Singapore. Data are from weekly tournaments with number of participants ranging from 10 to 50 as well as the grand Singapore National Championship 2010.

Total 383
1st Blackwing 125
2nd Infernity 39
3rd Lightsworn 37
4th Machina Gadget 27
5th Hero Beat 20
6th Gladiator Beast 19
7th Quickdraw Dandywarrior 13
8th Synchro Cat 10
8th Frog OTK 10
10th Frog Monarch 8
Others 75

Undoubtedly, Blackwing is Singapore’s favourite choice; dominating 1/3 of the pie. Even the second favourite, Infernity, is a whole digit away!! Lightsworn continued to show their presence even with Lumina and Charge of the Light Brigade at one each. Machina Gadget rose in popularity right after the Singapore National. Fifth is tied between Gladiator Beast and Hero Beat.

With only 3 more weeks to go, though nothing can overthrow Blackwing now, we shall see if the rest are able to catch up. Especially with Frogs which are performing rather well recently.

With the last weekend of August over, we have the final standings of this metagame.

Without a doubt, Blackwing is the most consistent deck for this format. The restriction of Black Whirlwind and Royal Oppression will hinder Blackwing slightly for the September 2010 – February 2011 format, but Blackwing will still remain a top tier deck.

Infernity managed to clinch onto its 2nd position, winning just by a mere 2 points. The restriction of Infernity Gun pretty much rendered the current Infernity playstyle useless. Infernity would have to find another playstyle other than their Infernity Gun loop to stay competitive.

Lightsworn remains competitive at 3rd. The most successful version would be Shifu’s Debris Dandy Lightsworn. Having, Debris Dragon with Dandylion, Spore and Grow Up Bulb opens up options to Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and Scrap Dragon. Practically unaffected by the next restriction list.

Machina Gadget remained at 4th. The cost of the deck would probably be its main popularity. With Cyber Dragon unrestricted, Machina Gadget will probably see much less play.

Breaking away from Gladiator Beast, we have Hero Beat at 5th. Having Heavy Storm banned is an enormous boost. This might be the next deck to beat with Blackwing slowing down significantly.

A special mention for both Frog OTK and Frog Monarch, having a significant showing in the final 3 weeks. The banning of Subsitoad would kill off Frog OTK, but Frog Monarch will probably remain competitive.

Last but not least, for those interested in running their own functions, I have attached the excel file right below.

Last update: 30th August 2010


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  1. 1 Clarence August 15, 2010 at 1:02 am

    infernity too expensive… haha…

  2. 2 Jeremy August 22, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    Machina more budget =p

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