Yu-Gi-Oh! Asian Championship 2010Plus Qualifiers

Asian Championship 2010Plus is a Three on Three Team Tournament. For the Team to win, two out of three members have to win their matches (a match consist of best two out of three duels).

The following are Teams that have won their respective qualifiers, and will be participating in the Asian Championship 2010Plus Finals held on the 12th Dec 2010 in Hong Kong. Do note that the players may choose to play a different deck during the actual finals.

Hong Kong
To be held on the 12th Dec 2010.

Team 大丈夫だっ問題ないっ
小京 [Gladiator Beast]
劉鳳 [Meta Beat]
阿羊 [Machina Gadget]

Team Super Junior
Sam [Six Samurai]
Alex [Blackwing]
Karl [Herald of Perfection]

Team 3D’s
Jonathan Edsel Gozon [Scrap]
William “Wslasher” Israel Sy [Six Samurai]
Kenneth Rogie Magcaleng [Gladiator Beast]

Jaison Tan [Dragunity] is unable to attend the Asian Championship 2010Plus, hence Kenneth Rogie Magcaleng [Gladiator Beast] from the runner-up team will be representing instead.

Team Attack!!!
Jeff [Blackwing]
Xiao Mei [Gladiator Beast]
Baha [Quickdraw Dandywarrior]

South Korea
Team 주안듀얼랜드
신현 [Hero Beat]
강병근 [Hero Beat]
황수빈 [Hero Beat]

Team The Other World
錢彥瑞 [Gladiator Beast]
呂伯川 [Scrap]
呂彥德 [Blackwing]

Team The Doy
Somsira Vanprapa [Gladiator Beast]
Wittawin Waitsuparat [Blackwing]
Bordindej Sathitnaveskul [Quickdraw Dandywarrior]


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