Yu-Gi-Oh! Asian Championship 2010Plus Finals

In the Asian Championship 2010Plus Finals, the teams are divided into two groups by lottery.

Group A
Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, South Korea

Group B
Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan

The top team of each group will then play for the 1st/2nd placing, while the second team of each group will play for the 3rd/4th placing.

The following are the players and their decks played during the Asian Championship 2010Plus Finals. Credits to Bahamut84, Xiao Mei and Sam for the deck information.

Champion – Malaysia
Leader: Sam Kee Kuan Sim [Six Samurai]
Member 1: Alex Yeo Gan Jie [Blackwing]
Member 2: Karl Lim Jun Yan [Quickdraw Dandywarrior]

1st Runner-Up – Taiwan
Leader: Lu Bou Chuan [Blackwing]
Member 1: Lyu Yan De [Scrap]
Member 2: Chien “Money” Yen Jui [Six Samurai]

2nd Runner-Up – Singapore
Leader: Jeff Soh Jun Yuan [Blackwing]
Member 1: Tan “Xiao Mei” Wan Xin [Six Samurai]
Member 2: Michael “Bahamut84” Santoso [Debris Dandy]

3rd Runner-Up – South Korea
Leader: Hwang Soo Bin [Six Samurai]
Member 1: Kang Byung Geun [Quickdraw Dandywarrior]
Member 2: Sin Hyun [Blackwing]

Leader: Somsira Vamprapa [Six Samurai]
Member 1: Wittawin Waitsuparat [Quickdraw Dandywarrior]
Member 2: Bordindej Sathitnaveskul [Blackwing]

Leader: Ho Tek Long [Lightsworn]
Member 1: Chong Hou Chun [Hero Beat]
Member 2: Lim Jun Yan [Six Samurai]

Hong Kong
Leader: Li Kit Chun [Blackwing]
Member 1: Li Ka Chun [Lightsworn]
Member 2: Ko Cheuk Fan [Six Samurai]

Leader: Edsel Gozon [Scrap]
Member 1: Kenneth Magcaleng [Quickdraw Dandywarrior]
Member 2: William “Wslasher” Sy [Six Samurai]


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