Yu-Gi-Oh! Singapore World Championship Qualifier 2011

Singapore World Championship Qualifier 2011 was held slightly different from the previous WCQ. Prior to the actual Qualifier on the 3rd July, four Pre-selection Tournaments were held and winners of each tournament are seeded straight into the Top 16.

The Pre-selection Tournaments as well as the actual Qualifier follows the Asian Format (only legally distributed cards are allowed, as mentioned in Card Legality). Additionally, Structure Deck 21: Gates of the Underworld was not allowed.

Pre-selection Tournament 1
29th May 2011 @ Hougang
Number of Participants: 31
Format: Single Elimination

1st: Daniel Ang [Graveyard Blackwing]
2nd: Jonas Bai [Meta Beat]
3rd/4th: Sun Yi Yun [Graveyard Blackwing]
3rd/4th: Tan Wan Xin [Machina Gadget]

Pre-selection Tournament 2
5th June 2011 @ Khatib
Number of Participants: 40
Format: Single Elimination

1st: Clarence Foo [Six Samurai]
2nd: Kenneth Koh [Infernity]
3rd/4th: Jonas Tai [Six Samurai]
3rd/4th: Jeremy Chua [Agent Fairy]

Pre-selection Tournament 3
12th June 2011 @ Lorong Ah Soo
Number of Participants: 43
Format: Single Elimination

1st: Wan Xin [Machina Gadget]
2nd: Zu Hao [Machina Gadget]
3rd/4th: Nian Jie [Anti-Meta Gadget]
3rd/4th: Yong Siang [Six Samurai]

Pre-selection Tournament 4
19th June 2011 @ Bukit Batok
Number of Participants: 30
Format: Single Elimination

1st: William [Graveyard Blackwing]
2nd: Vishal [Whirlwind Blackwing]
3rd/4th: Milton [Whirlwind Blackwing]
3rd/4th: Shi Fu [Debris Junk Doppel]


Primary Metagame Analysis

Graveyard Blackwing – Without Gorz in the Asian Format, Graveyard Blackwing shines as it has the potential to OTK with a timely Burial from a Different Dimension, or Return from the Different Dimension. Compared to Whirlwind Blackwing, Graveyard Blackwing has a better chance of winning Six Samurai as it is able to utilize Puppet Plant effectively. Having Deck Devastation Virus in the side gives it an edge against any Debris/Junk deck.

Six Samurai – Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En is still the defining card of this metagame. In order to take out Shi En, most opponents would have to over-exert themselves by performing an unfavorable trade. With card advantage from Six Samurai United and Gateway of the Six, it is often hard for the opponent to recover from the earlier deficit. Dimensional Fissure and Rivalry of the Warlords limits your opponent’s options.

Machina Gadget – Machina Fortress is able to single-handedly take out Shi En, making this a favorite choice for defeating Six Samurai. Additionally, the Gadgets, Machina Gearframe and Breaker the Magical Warrior can be used to Xyz into Number 39: Utopia, another ATK 2500 monster that can take out Shi En. The “self-replacing” effect of the Gadgets allows Utopia to be essentially a free card. Effect Veiler can stop any troublesome monster effect from the opponent, as well as being a tuner for any synchro summon into Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier with two Gadgets, or into Scrap Dragon with Machina Fortress.


Singapore World Championship Qualifier 2011
3rd July 2011 @ Dhoby Ghaut
Number of Participants: 65 + 4
Format: 5 Rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 12. Single Elimination for Top 16.


Secondary Metagame Analysis

Debris Junk Doppel – A surprising appearance. Despite not having T.G. Hyper Librarian, Debris Junk Doppel is still a force to be reckoned with. In addition to Black Rose Dragon and Trishula, Dark Armed Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer are able to remove any threat on the field with ease. As Junk Synchron, Doppelwarrior and Junk Warrior are all Dark attribute and Warrior type, it provides an out to the popular side deck of Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match.

Agent Fairy – A strong contender, but lacks consistency. The early game involves The Agent of Mystery – Earth and The Agent of Creation – Venus into Trishula or Gachi Gachi Gantetsu, setting up the late game for Master Hyperion and Archlord Kristya. However, the frequent dead draws made this deck less favorable compared to Machina Gadget.

Gravekeeper – A good choice for taking out Machina Gadget, Debris Junk Doppel and Agent Fairy, especially when Dark World was not allowed. However, the lack of Gravekeeper Recruiter significantly affected the consistency of the deck. Malefic Cyber End Dragon is the main beatstick, but prone to Cyber Dragon – a common side deck due to Machina Gadget’s popularity.


Additional Metagame Analysis

Ultimate Offering Gadget – Another surprising choice. Machina Gadget is better in taking out Six Samurai, but Ultimate Offering Gadget has a better match-up against Debris Junk Doppel. Kaven kept the Machina cards in his side deck to allow the flexibility to switch from Ultimate Offering Gadget into Machina Gadget.

Machina Karakuri – Similar to Machina Gadget, Machina Karakuri depends on the raw power provided by Machina Fortress to take out threats like Shi En. However, instead of depending on the slower Gadgets, DSummon (Anders) opted for Karakuri which are more offensive with the ability to flood the field. However, Karakuri is open to Cyber Dragon and System Down, unlike Gadgets which avoids those through Xyz.



Six Samurai is still the defining deck of this metagame, but it is no longer as dominating as before. Machina Gadget became a popular choice due to its consistency and ability to take out Six Samurai. However, Debris Junk Doppel in turn has an edge over Machina Gadget. Agent Fairy and Graveyard Blackwing are less popular due to their less consistent draws, but are still competitive enough to be a threat. Gravekeeper is only good for its Royal Tribute, but its options for the mid to late game are extremely underwhelming. Whirlwind Blackwing and Gladiator Beast fell out of style due to their inability to handle Shi En.

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  1. 1 Brian July 7, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Hi, is it possible for you to get ahold of the Graveyard BW decklist that won in Singapore? I would really appreciate it.

  2. 2 Pohseng July 9, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    Nice review, appreciated it,

  3. 3 Zesty July 27, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Anyone have any of the Machina Gadget decklists? I’m interested to see what kind of tech cards were run.

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