Yu-Gi-Oh! Asian Championship Qualifier 2012

Prior to the respective Asian Championship Qualifier 2012, Ranking League Division Tournaments are held weekly at various shops. Winning in the Ranking League Division Tournaments earns the players points which would determine their placing in the Ranking/Division. Top players of each Division will be seeded in their Asian Championship Qualifier 2012.

The seeding is as follow:
Top 2 of Division A are seeded into Top 8.
Top 2 of Division B are seeded into Top 16.
Top 2 of Division C are seeded into Top 32.
Top 4 of Division D are seeded into Top 64.

As usual, the Asian Format is enforced, as mentioned in Card Legality.

Hong Kong
1st: Cheung Wing Ho [Dimensional Laggia]
2nd: Law Yuk Tong [Dark World] *Seeded Top 8*
3rd: Li Chi Yu [Inzektor]
4th: Wong Chak Chun [Dark World]

1st: Kee Kian Sim “Sam” [Inzektor]
2nd: Lim Guo Quan “LGQ” [Hieratic]
3rd: Yeo Gou Jie “Alex” [Inzektor]
4th: Cheong Yat Weng “Sean” [Inzektor]

    Malaysia ACQ 2012 Finals Video
    Kee Kian Sim “Sam” [Inzektor] vs Lim Guo Quan “LGQ” [Hieratic]
    Game 1 (Part 1 / Part 2) | Game 2

1st: Edsel Gozon [Inzektor]
2nd: William Israel Sy “Wslasher” [Six Samurai] *Seeded Top 8*
3rd: Alvin Lim [T.G. Agent] *Seeded Top 8*
4th: Jomer Yap Flores [Rabbit Laggia]

    Philippines ACQ 2012 Finals Video
    Edsel Gozon [Inzektor] vs William Israel Sy “Wslasher” [Six Samurai]
    Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

South Korea
1st: Lee Seong-Hun [Hero Beat]
2nd: Kim Chi-Su [Inzektor]
3rd: Kim Dae-Sik [Rabbit Laggia]
4th: Lee Sang-Yun [Six Samurai]

    South Korea ACQ 2012 Finals Video
    Lee Seong-Hun [Hero Beat] vs Kim Chi-Su [Inzektor]
    Game 1 & 2

1st: Wu Yun Da [Inzektor]
2nd: Huang Guo Xiong [Inzektor]
3rd: Huang Nong En [Hieratic]
4th: Liu Shinchun [Hieratic]

1st: Pichaphop Chalermchatvichien “Air” [Ninja Laggia] *Seeded Top 8*
2nd: Vichai Earnkampanat “Kaisu” [Dimensional Laggia]
3rd: Kamol Krobpanichwong “Not” [Inzektor]
4th: Pichchakorn Wattanapanich [Gemini Skill Drain Beat] *Seeded Top 16*

    Thailand ACQ 2012 Finals Video
    Pichaphop Chalermchatvichien “Air” [Ninja Laggia] vs Vichai Earnkampanat “Kaisu” [Dimensional Laggia]
    Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

Metagame Breakdown

Total Revised Deck
9 7 Inzektor
5 3 Rabbit/Dimensional/Ninja Laggia
3 3 Hieratic
2 2 Dark World
2 0 Six Samurai
1 0 T.G. Agent
1 0 Hero Beat
1 1 Gemini Skill Drain Beat

The Philippines and South Korea Qualifiers were played back in February, using the previous Limited & Forbidden List. The revised numbers reflects only the other 4 Qualifiers that are played with the current Limited & Forbidden List. As such, the revised numbers are much more useful for predicting the up-coming Singapore Qualifier, as well as the Asian Championship 2012.

Metagame Analysis

Inzektor: Without a doubt, Inzektor is the deck to beat. Moderately expensive yet consistent, expect more than half of the players to be running this.

Hieratic: Without Gorz the Emissary of Darkness in the format, Hieratic’s ability to frequently pull off a One-Turn-Kill makes it a force to be reckoned with. Relatively expensive, expect a decent number of players to be running this.

Laggia: The control deck of this format. The Dimensional variant should be the favored, with Macro Cosmos in the main to shutdown Inzektor. Moderately costly but a little inconsistent, expect a decent number of players to be running this as well.

Dark World: The dark horse of this format. A turn one Dragged Down into the Grave coupled with Mind Crush is pretty difficult to recover from. Relatively cheap but rather inconsistent. Extremely weak against Macro Cosmos, expect only a small number of players to be running this.

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