Number 25: Focus Force

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  • This effect targets a Level 5 or higher effect monster on opponent’s field.
  • During the effect resolution of this card, if the targeted monster is in face-down Position, or if it was removed from the field, the “its effects are negated until the end of the turn” effect is not applied.

Source: 遊戯王OCG ルール&FAQ 公式データベース (日本語版)

Q: Can the effect be activated in the Damage Step?
A: It cannot. (25th April 2012)

Q: While the effect of this card targets and is applied to “Stardust Dragon”, “Stardust Dragon” releases itself to activate its effect afterwards.
In this case, is the effect of “Stardust Dragon” applied?
A: No, although it can release itself to activate, the effect of “Stardust Dragon” is not applied.
Similarly, “effects that activate on the field but are removed from the field during effect resolution” are all not applied. (19th February 2012)

Q: If the monster affected by this effect becomes Level 4 or lower, is the effect of that that monster applied?
A: No, even if the Level changes after this effect is applied, the effect of that monster is not applied. (19th February 2012)

Source: 遊戯王カードWiki


3 Responses to “Number 25: Focus Force”

  1. 1 Tony September 29, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Q: If the monster affected by this effect is elemental hero the shining, what does happen if shining is sent to graveyard?

    • 2 Akira September 30, 2012 at 11:12 am

      The effect of “Elemental HERO The Shining” is a trigger effect that activates in the graveyard, and hence would be unaffected by “Number 25: Focus Force”.

      This interaction is similar to “Sangan” and “Effect Veiler”.

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