Yu-Gi-Oh! Singapore World Championship Qualifier 2012

Similar to the World Championship Qualifier held last year, prior to the actual Qualifier on the 23rd June, six Pre-selection Tournaments were held and winners of each tournament are seeded straight into the Top 16.

The Pre-selection Tournaments as well as the actual Qualifier follows the Asian Format (only legally distributed cards are allowed, as mentioned in Card Legality). Additionally, Structure Deck 23: Roar of the Sea Emperor was not allowed.

Pre-selection Tournament 1
20th May 2012 @ Upper Thomson
Number of Participants: 28
Format: 4 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8. Single Elimination for Top 8.

1st: Lim Poh Seng [Machina Gadget]
2nd: Tan Wan Xin [Machina Gadget]
3rd/4th: Colin Ang [Six Samurai]
3rd/4th: Kenneth Koh [Ninja Hieratic]

Pre-selection Tournament 2
27th May 2012 @ Lorong Ah Soo
Number of Participants: 36
Format: 4 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8. Single Elimination for Top 8.

1st: Tan Wan Xin [Machina Gadget]
2nd: Wu Yew Loong [Rabbit Laggia]
3rd/4th: Cassandra Ang [Machina Gadget]
3rd/4th: Goh Jia Rui [Inzektor]

Pre-selection Tournament 3
2nd June 2012 @ Yishun
Number of Participants: 30
Format: 4 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8. Single Elimination for Top 8.

1st: Wesley Seek [Inzektor]
2nd: Eu Yong Xiang [Inzektor]
3rd/4th: Clarence Foo [Ninja Hieratic]
3rd/4th: Yu Bixuan [Inzektor]

Pre-selection Tournament 4
3rd June 2012 @ Dhoby Ghaut
Number of Participants: 36
Format: 5 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8. Single Elimination for Top 8.

1st: Ryan Stark [Rabbit Laggia]
2nd: Alvin Nah [Inzektor]
3rd/4th: Calvin Ang [Ninja Hieratic]
3rd/4th: Jeremy Chua [Machina Gadget]

Pre-selection Tournament 5
9th June 2012 @ Hougang
Number of Participants: 35
Format: 5 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8. Single Elimination for Top 8.

1st: Shelton Ng Jing Heng [Ninja Hieratic]
2nd: Kee Kian Sim “Sam” [Inzektor]
3rd/4th: Peh Junyong [Chaos Dragon]
3rd/4th: Alvin Putra [Machina Gadget]

Pre-selection Tournament 6
10th June 2012 @ Ang Mo Kio
Number of Participants: 38
Format: 5 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8. Single Elimination for Top 8.

1st: Lauren Tan Yan Quan [Ninja Hieratic]
2nd: Ho Shu Miao [Inzektor]
3rd/4th: Willian Oh [Chaos Dragon]
3rd/4th: Yong Wei Ann [Machina Gadget]


Singapore World Championship Qualifier 2012
23rd June 2012 @ Upper Thompson
Number of Participants: 86 + 6
Format: 6 Rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 10. Single Elimination for Top 16.


Singapore Metagame Analysis

Inzektor – Without a doubt, Inzektor is the deck to beat as it is able to generate massive amount of advantage while depleting opponent’s resources. However, with the amount of attention that Inzektor had been receiving, extra effort is required in playing around the counters. Cardcar D Inzektor and Card Trooper Inzektor are both viable builds.

Ninja Hieratic – After proving its worth in the Singapore Asian Championship Qualifier, Ninja Hieratic is gaining a lot of popularity for being a very versatile deck. Able to go OTK with the standard Hieratic combo or go control by setting up the “Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo” + “Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation” or “Photon Strike Bounzer”, makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Machina Gadget – With the release of “Geargiganto X”, Machina Gadget is back in the metagame. The playstyle of Machina Gadget has not changed, but “Geargiganto X” made fetching “Machina Gearframe” possible, thus increasing the consistency of getting “Machina Fortress”.

Rabbit Laggia – The control deck of this metagame. Has the strongest opening of “Rescue Rabbit” into “Evolzar Laggia”, following with 4 set traps. However, the same weakness as all control deck applies – inconsistency of drawing too much monsters or none at all.

The Top 16 has been rather predictable, consisting of the top tier decks, with the exception of Final Countdown and Infernity. Final Countdown made an amazing run through the Swiss as most decks are not prepared for it. With similar weakness to Inzektor (“Macro Cosmos”, “Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror”) it is quite astounding that Infernity has made it this far. The “Void Ogre Dragon” is not to be belittled. However, the biggest surprise is the lack of Chaos Dragon, despite its success in both Thailand and Malaysia WCQ.

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    I think for pre-selection tournaments 4-6, the no. of swiss rnds played were 5 if i’m not mistaken.

    • 4 Akira June 25, 2012 at 6:22 pm

      I believe you’re right. My opponent didn’t turn up for one of the rounds, giving me the impression of playing for only 4 rounds.

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