Yu-Gi-Oh! Singapore Top Store Championship 2012

Winged Kuriboh LV10

Held on the 9th December 2012, the Singapore Top Store Championship 2012 is an invite-only tournament where 32 players from 8 different local stores play for the rights to be called the best duelist of the Top Store in Singapore.

The 8 represented local stores participating in this tournament are Excel CS, Thousand Taste Trading, TTZ Trading, Full-Yen Trading, Active Games Collection, Audio Ventura, Delightful Times and SG Cardmart.

Metagame Breakdown

6 Wind-Up
5 HERO (including 1 Destiny Arrive HERO)
3 Mermail
3 Chaos Dragon (including 1 Ninja variant)
2 Agent Fairy (including 1 Herald variant)
2 Dark World
2 Infernity
2 Offering Gadget
2 Rabbit variant (Dino Evilswarm and Skill Drain variant)
1 Evilswarm
1 Fire Fist
1 Hieratic
1 Inzektor
1 Laval

A surprisingly diverse metagame with the top choice, Wind-Up, barely taking up 1/5 of the total, while HERO takes up the other 1/5. The remaining 3/5 were shared among various decks.


Singapore Top Store 2012

Champion – Excel CS
Calvin Ang [Evilswarm]

1st Runner-up – Audio Ventura
Samuel Cheng [HERO]

2nd/3rd Runner-up – Full-Yen Trading
Wesley Seek [Wind-Up]

2nd/3rd Runner-up – SG Cardmart
Yu Bixuan [Mermail]

Top 8 – Delightful Times
Chan Ying Jun [Mermail]
Johann Loke [Wind-Up]

Top 8 – Active Games Collection
Cassandra Ang [HERO]

Top 8 – TTZ Trading
Ryan Stark [Destiny Arrive HERO]

HERO takes the lead with 3 in the Top 8, following with Wind-Up and Mermail being tied with 2 each. However, the lone Evilswarm went against all odds and became the eventual champion.

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