Rules Bulletin: 6th January 2013

Number 69: Heraldry God - Coat of Arms

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  • Number 69: Heraldry God – Coat of Arms
  • Six Samurai
  • Pole Position
  • Ehren, Lightsworn Monk
  • Charmer

Number 69: Heraldry God – Coat of Arms
Xyz Effect Monster
Rank 4/Light/Psychic/ATK 2600/DEF 1400
3 Level 4 monsters
When this card is Special Summoned: Negate the effects of all other face-up Xyz Monsters currently on the field. During your Main Phase: You can target 1 other face-up Xyz Monster on the field; until the End Phase, this card gains the same name and effects as that target. This effect of “Number 69: Heraldry God – Coat of Arms” can only be used once per turn.

Q: Number 69: Heraldry God – Coat of Arms was Special Summoned, and the effect of Xyz monsters on the field are negated.
The effect of a Xyz monster was activated while being negated, if that monster was returned to the Extra Deck by a chained “Compulsory Evacuation Device”, will the effect of that Xyz monster be negated? Or will it be in effect?

A: Even in this situation described by the question, the effect activation of the Xyz monster is negated. (4th January 2013)

Source: 遊戯王カードWiki – 《No.69 紋章神コート・オブ・アームズ》

Six Samurai

Q: If protecting from battle destruction, when is the timing to use the substitution effect?
A: During the timing in Damage Calculation when the battle destruction is confirmed, the substitute for destruction is selected. (5th January 2013)

Source: 遊戯王カードWiki – 六武衆

Pole Position
Continuous Trap
The face-up monster(s) with the highest ATK on the field is unaffected by the effects of Spell Cards. When “Pole Position” is removed from the field, destroy the face-up monster(s) with the highest ATK on the field.

Q: When this card and “The Wicked Eraser” is on my field, if an infinite loop were to occur due to opponent playing a card, can my opponent play a card?
A: No, he cannot play. (6th January 2013)

Source: 遊戯王カードWiki – 《ポールポジション》

Ehren, Lightsworn Monk
Effect Monster
Level 4/Light/Warrior/ATK 1600/DEF 1000
Before damage calculation, when this card attacks a Defense Position monster: Shuffle that monster into the Deck. During each of your End Phases: Send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard. You must control this face-up card to activate and to resolve this effect.

Q: If a face-down position “Snowman Eater” was attacked, will the Trigger Effect when “Snowman Eater” was flipped and returned to the deck?
A: It will be activated. In addition, this effect is treated as being activated on the field. (6th January 2013)

Source: 遊戯王カードWiki – 《ライトロード・モンク エイリン》


Q: A set “Charmer” is flipped by an attack, if is has been confirmed to be destroyed by battle after calculation, how is this resolved?
A: A Chain Block will be created, the control shifting is not performed. (6th January 2013)

Source: 遊戯王カードWiki – 霊使い


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