Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship Qualifier 2013


As March comes to an end, the Qualifiers for the upcoming Asia Championship 2013 are completed, less the host country – Thailand.

The following is a list of the Top 4 of each Qualifier, followed by a Metagame Breakdown and a brief Metagame Analysis.

Hong Kong
1st: Law Ming Fung [Prophecy] *Invited*
2nd: [Fire Fist Tri]
3rd: [Mermail]
4th: [Burning Knuckle]

1st: Kee Kian Sim “Sam” [Evilswarm] *Invited*
2nd: Teoh Zhen Pei “Zack” [Elemental Dragon]
3rd: Shahmir Roshidi [Elemental Dragon]
4th: Wesley Seek [Elemental Dragon]

1st: Louren Vidad [Agent Fairy]
2nd: Edsel Gozon [Mermail] *Invited*
3rd: Jeffrey Maglilong [Constellar]
4th: Karlo Evangelista [Mermail]
The Champion, Louren Vidad [Agent Fairy], is unable to attend the Asia Championship 2013, hence the invitation is passed down to the 1st Runner-up.

1st: Kenneth Koh [Elemental Dragon] *Invited*
2nd: Ng Nian Jie [Elemental Dragon]
3rd: Wesley Seek [Elemental Dragon]
4th: Tay Yong Jie [Fire Fist Quad]

    Singapore ACQ 2013 Finals Video:
    Ng Nian Jie [Elemental Dragon] vs Kenneth Koh [Elemental Dragon]
    Full Match

South Korea
1st: Choe Jun-Hyeong [Mermail] *Invited*
2nd: Park Jin-Woo [HERO]
3rd: Lee Dong-Hun [Mermail]
4th: Kim Woo-Ram [Mermail]

1st: Yang Zhe Fei [Prophecy] *Invited*
2nd: Lu Yao Chen [Mermail]
3rd: Huang Wei Hang [Elemental Dragon]
4th: Ye Zhi Qi [Mermail]

To be held on the 27th April 2013.

Metagame Breakdown

    Total Revised Deck
    8 3 Mermail
    7 7 Elemental Dragon
    2 2 Prophecy
    1 1 Burning Knuckle
    1 1 Evilswarm
    1 1 Fire Fist Quad
    1 1 Fire Fist Tri
    1 0 Agent Fairy
    1 0 Constellar
    1 0 HERO
  • The Philippines Qualifiers were played back in February using the previous Limited & Forbidden List.
  • The South Korea Qualifiers were played with their Korean card pool which lacks the latest cards, namely Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy (804) and VJump Edition 8 (VE08).
  • The Taiwan Qualifiers were played without Promotion Pack 2013 A (Blue) and Promotion Pack 2013 B (Green).

The revised numbers reflects only the other 4 Qualifiers that are played with the current Limited & Forbidden List with a card pool up till Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy (804). As such, the revised numbers are much more useful for predicting the up-coming Asian Championship 2013.

Metagame Analysis

Elemental Dragon: The deck to beat of this metagame. Consistent coupled with an impressive ability to generate card advantage and field presence, Elemental Dragon is expected to perform well.

Mermail: Despite having a major showing in the Qualifiers, Mermail is much less impressive in the current metagame as it runs of out steam rather quickly. Don’t expect to see much of Mermail.

Prophecy: Prophecy’s ability to gain ridiculous amount of card advantage allows it to keep up with Elemental Dragon. The match-up against Elemental Dragon will depend on whether Prophecy is able to lockdown with “Jowgen the Spiritualist”.

Evilswarm: The anti-meta of this metagame. Evilswarm aims to lockdown Elemental Dragon with “Evilswarm Ophion”, while destroying Prophecy with “Eradicator Epidemic Virus”. However, its popularity is reflected by its inconsistency.


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