Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2013 Singapore Qualifier


The World Championship 2013 Singapore Qualifier completed on the 23rd June 2013, and as expected, Dragon Ruler proves its dominance by seizing a landslide victory.

Update 16th June 2013: Results of the last Pre-Qualifer added.
Update 4th July 2013: Results of the Main Qualifer added.

Pre-Qualifier 1
@ SG CardMart
Number of participants: 48 players

1st: William Oh [Dragon Ruler] *Seeded*
2nd: Calvin Ang [Prophecy]
3rd/4th: Huang Qi Lin [Dragon Ruler]
3rd/4th: Jason Leong [Dragon Ruler]

Pre-Qualifier 2
@ Full-Yen
Number of participants: 47 players

1st: Sherwyn Lim [Evilswarm] *Seeded*
2nd: Junjie [Evilswarm]
3rd/4th: Soh Jun Yuan “Jeff” [Dragon Ruler]
3rd/4th: Alex Yeo [Dragon Ruler]

Pre-Qualifier 3
@ Active Game Collections
Number of participants: 48 players

1st: Yong Wei Ann [Dragon Ruler] *Seeded*
2nd: Tan Wan Xin [Prophecy]
3rd/4th: Jie Lun [Dragon Ruler]
3rd/4th: Alvin Putra [Prophecy]

Pre-Qualifier 4
@ TTZ Trading
Number of participants: 33 players

1st: Tan Wan Xin [Prophecy] *Seeded*
2nd: Kevin Neo [Dragon Ruler]
3rd/4th: Vishal Dharshan [Dark World]
3rd/4th: Ng Nian Jie [Dragon Ruler]

Pre-Qualifier 5
@ Excel CS
Number of participants: 35 players

1st: Soh Jun Yuan “Jeff” [Dragon Ruler] *Seeded*
2nd: Edmond [Dragon Ruler]
3rd/4th: Calvin Ang [Prophecy]
3rd/4th: Lee Sheng Jie [Dragon Ruler]

Pre-Qualifier 6
@ Thousand Taste Trading
Number of participants: 41 players

1st: Clarence Foo [Dragon Ruler] *Seeded*
2nd: Zexuan [Prophecy]
3rd/4th: Jason Leong [Dragon Ruler]
3rd/4th: Shaun Lin [Prophecy]

Main Qualifier
23rd June 2013
Number of Participants: 87 + 6 Seeded
Format: 4 Rounds of Swiss -> Top 40 Single Elimination -> Top 10 + 6 Seeded Single Elimination

Metagame Breakdown
26 Dragon Ruler
9 Evilswarm
7 Blue-Eyes Prophecy
7 Prophecy
7 4-Axis Fire Fist
4 Chain Burn
3 Agent Fairy
3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3 Dark World
3 Frog Monarch
3 Meta Beat
3 Mermail
2 Six Samurai
1 3-Axis Fire Fist
1 Battlin’ Boxer
1 Bujin
1 Constellar
1 Geargia Karakuri
1 Gravekeeper
1 Infernity
1 Inzektor
1 Junk Doppel
1 Karakuri
1 Machina Gadget
1 Zombie

Dragon Ruler dominated the metagame, with Prophecy and Evilswarm running behind. Surprisingly, the amount of standard Prophecy and Blue-Eyes Prophecy are exactly equal.

Singapore World Championship Qualifier 2013
*Note: The number in front of the player’s name are the placing achieved by that player after the 4 rounds of Swiss. The Seeded players are randomly assigned a number from S1 to S6.

William Oh [Dragon Ruler]

1st Runner-up
Wesley Seek [Dragon Ruler]

2nd Runner-up
Yong Wei Ann [Dragon Ruler]

3rd Runner-up
Soh Jun Yuan “Jeff” [Dragon Ruler]

It was a single deck domination by Dragon Ruler, taking 7 spots out of the Top 8. Prophecy and Evilswarm were mostly halted at the Top 16.

World Championship Qualifier 2013
Information of the other players who will be representing their country to the World Championship 2013 will be updated on Road of the King.

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