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Dragon Ruler in the new OCG format

Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos

With Burner, Lightning, Reactan and Stream banned, Dragon Ruler have to re-innovate and return to its roots in order to stay competitive in the new format.

The Tsurugashima Championship was held last weekend on the August 18, 2013, with the new September 2013 OCG Forbidden and Limited List being implemented. Behind the cut is a study of two Dragon Ruler builds that were successful in the tournament.

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OCG’s vs TCG’s Forbidden & Limited Lists for September 2013

Pot of GreedThe last time that the OCG and TCG had a different Forbidden & Limited Lists was way back in May 9, 2008. TCG released an emergency list to ban “Dimension Fusion”, restrict “Return from the Different Dimension” and semi-restrict “Allure of Darkness”. The OCG list did not follow until the next rotation in September 1, 2008.

Come September 1, 2013, the OCG and TCG will go their separate ways as different Forbidden & Limited Lists are to be implement for each region. As such, it is important to keep track of the appropriate changes relevant to your region. Behind the cut is a simple comparison between the two lists.

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KTS and Mantis: A comparative study of their tiebreaker systems

Winning Formula


The tiebreaker system is used to determine a player’s ranking in a tournament when there are multiple players with similar Match Wins. A hypothesis proposes that the final standings of the Swiss Rounds in a tournament is affected by the different tiebreaker system employed by the Konami Tournament Software (KTS) and Mantis Tournament Software (Mantis). Testing are conducted to examine and investigate the hypothesis.

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