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Monster Effects and Activation in the Deck

The Transmigration Prophecy

This article touches on a very obscure ruling and game mechanic – the interaction between monsters effects and their activation in the deck.

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Activation Conditions

With Chain Burn being played more frequently in the local tournament scene, many often experience confusion from the rather misleading text of certain Chain Burn cards.

Here is a short article explaining the concept of Activation Conditions, and hopefully would shed some light on why duo copies of cards like “Accumulated Fortune” or “Chain Strike” can be activated within the same Chain Block.

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Field Spell Cards

Field Spell Cards are seeing more tournament play as they become the key engine in popular theme decks, namely Dragunity, Gravekeepers and Dark World.

However, the years without Field Spell cards in tournament play has caused most of the players to be unfamiliar with their actual mechanics. This article will reintroduce the mechanics of Field Spell cards, with much more depth than the rulebook.

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Post-Resolution Window

Despite being around since 2009, “Post-Resolution Window” is still a relatively new concept to most players due to a lack of proper documentation.

Learning about and using the “Post-Resolution Window” will make a significance difference between a win and a lose, especially when playing with cards such as “Mind Crush” and “D.D. Crow”.

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Rulings at the World Championship

Over the years, the OCG and TCG have become rather different card games with the release of OCG exclusives and TCG exclusives. However, the main defining factor would be the difference in rulings.

Here are some of the different OCG and TCG rulings observed in past, and how they were ruled in each of the respective World Championship.

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Card Activation vs Effect Activation

Despite being a relatively old concept, the difference between Card Activation and Effect Activation for Spell and Trap cards are only being explored recently.

With the increasing amount of negation effects that applies only to Card Activation, there is a need to understand the difference between Card Activation and Effect Activation in order to comprehend the limitation of said negation effects.

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Destruction Substitution – Union vs Six Samurai

With the popularity of Machina Gadget and Six Samurai, destruction substitution is becoming a common sight in the form of Machina Gearframe and Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En.

Despite their rather similar effect, the rulings for both are actually quite different.


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